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Isshin-Ryu Karate Martial Arts in New JerseyRonin Dojo teaches Isshinryu Karate and the martial arts philosophy to children and adults.

The Mighty Mites class is intended for children ages 4-7 years of age. These children are taught karate basics including punches, kicks, stepping, and self defense techniques along with drills to improve balance and coordination. They are also taught basic life skills of responsibility, concentration, motivation, respect, and discipline.

The children's classes, for children aged 8-14, are taught true Isshinryu karate techniques including katas, fighting/sparring, and self defense techniques. These children also learn about the history and philosophy of martial arts.

Ronin Dojo is dedicated to teaching quality martial arts to children and emphasize quality over quantity. Many adults are intimidated and often hesitant to take up karate at such a late age. Most adults surprise themselves when they find they are able to learn these techniques. We focus on fitness, flexibility, balance, and coordination as many adults lose these skills as they get older.

Ronin Dojo takes each student's medical history and fitness level into account. Our small classes allow instructors to work individually with students. We do not rush students through techniques and patiently work with students until they are able to properly perform skills.


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