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Mighty Mites:
This program is designed for our young children, aged 4-6 years old. Any martial art is beneficial for young children. It helps to instill respect for themselves and others, discipline, motivation, and the desire to succeed. This program focuses on these virtues and also is very exercise focused and teaches children the importance of maintaining their health while learning karate.

These classes are for the older child, aged 7-teenaged. These children also learn respect, responsibility, motivation, and hopefully will advance more in rank over the years so they are able to see that hard work will result in success.

These classes are for teenagers through the age of senior citizen. Each student trains according to their own fitness and ability level. Sensei Jordan has helped train and coach many students for national competitions but is also able to provide a safe environment for other adults who are just looking to exercise. Sensei Jordan is a nationally certified athletic trainer and physician assistant and is able to take student's health history into account and train them properly.

See our Schedule Page for classes designed for these age groups.